Fall Updates!

November 5th, 2009

Wow, where did the summer go? School is back in session. Football season is upon us. Autumn colors are coming out in their glory. And it’s dang cold in the morning!

Fall has never been my favorite season because it means the end of summer; sunny, warm days of play.

But as a continuous learner Autumn has meant new beginnings to me. The start of school for me is a reminder of the opportunity to be in the classroom learning something new.
What new learning opportunity is on your list this fall?

I have a plate full! I am taking a yoga class. I have begun a yearlong coaching certification program with New Ventures West in San Francisco. I am researching and designing three new training programs. And I am enrolled in an NLP Life Coach training through NLP Oregon in Ashland.

I am also involved in some new opportunities to expand and grow our offerings to you. We are now offering consulting, facilitation and coaching for groups and individuals. We have expanded our assessment and survey offerings to quickly identify needs and areas for improvement in order to expedite the learning and development of teams and individuals. We love this work. And would truly enjoy an opportunity to work with you and your team on improving performance, team work, communication, problem solving, or change implementation. Just let us know how we can assist you best.

Contact Meri for more information at

Integrity Selling Tune Up: Three Week Webinar Series!

June 23rd, 2009


July 21st-August 4th, 2009

Every Tuesday

TIME: 9:00-9:50 AM

PRICE: $99.00 for three sessions

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Any one who has completed Integrity Selling.®

THREE sessions to reinforce the necessary skills and habits for sales success!

For more details or to register contact us at:,

or call 541-689-5281. Click here to download more information.

Requirement: Must be a graduate of the Integrity Selling Training® program.

Let’s Face The Future With Confidence!

June 5th, 2009


“Let’s Face The Future With Confidence”   Tip 1.3

What are 3 actions you can take now to improve your situation?

It may be slow at your place of work – what can you catch up on? What new skill or process can you learn? What files, books, closets, or cupboards can you de-clutter? Who can you help? Looking for a job? Have you created a job search strategy? Do you have a daily job search routine? Are you volunteering in the field you in which you wish to work? With Lack of discretionary income for entertainment creates extra time; what classes can you take, what closet can you clean, what new skill can you learn, where can you volunteer? Keeping busy with something positive will serve you better than lying around and worrying. You will also great significant confidence when you take care of all those things on your to do list that been showing up as negative background noise.

Let’s Face The Future With Confidence

May 21st, 2009

lets-face-the-future1Tip 1.2:

Take note; this recession will have an ending just like all recessions have had an ending. Often, in the middle of a tough situation we forget that “this too shall pass.” This doesn’t mean it isn’t hard or bad things aren’t happening – they are, to lots of us – it simple means the way it is now it not the way it will be forever. Remember this, there is a light at the of tunnel – will you be ready when you reach it?